Protect Your Home from

Water Damage & Leaks

Flo by Moen is an all-in-one security

system for your home water system

The United States water damage statistics show:

  • One out of every 50 insured homes in the U.S. have a water damage claim each year.


  • You are 5 times more likely to experience water damage at home than theft, and water damage is 6 times more likely to occur than damage resulting from a fire.

  • The average loss for a homeowner associated with water damage claims is $10,234.

  • ​Throughout the years of owning a home, about 40% of homeowners experience water damage.

  • Each day, approximately 14,000 homeowners rush home to address surprise water leaks.

  • A 1/8-inch pipe crack has the ability to cause as much as 250 gallons of water loss in a day’s time.