About Us

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At Stark Plumbing, we value the individual needs of our customers with transparency and professionalism. It is our promise to provide Central Oregon with reliable, high-quality plumbing services with the intention of positively impacting the community, through the process of continual improvement to our local homes and businesses.


We choose to be methodical and deliberate in everything that we do. This applies to the team members that we bring on and how we interact with and support our customers. We aim to be our own toughest critics as we endeavor to always find ways to improve. 

We keep it local by supporting our central Oregon plumbing supply houses and only recommend the highest quality plumbing industry brands when it comes to the fixtures and materials which we use. 

Our team of licensed, hard-working technicians believe in thoroughness and customer satisfaction. With over twenty years of experience, Stark Plumbing's passion for skillful trade has served thousands of customers with quality plumbing and gas work.


We are committed to delivering quality customer service and craftsmanship. We continue to endeavor to out perform, because it is who we are and it is the right thing to do. 


Our Technicians Are Masters of the Plumbing & Gas Trades 

We Are Family Owned & Operated

We Offer Free Estimates for Standard Water Heater Replacement

We Provide Two-Hour Arrival Windows

We Clean Up After Ourselves Before Leaving Your Home

We Stand by Treating Our Customers How We Would Personally Want to be Treated


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