GaS SUPPLY Installation

& Repair

Our Professional Gas Line Services Include:

  • Installation – Our licensed plumbers are able to work on natural gas and propane gas supply lines. We make sure that every aspect of the gas lines are installed correctly, ready to provide a safe source of energy for you while also complying with local mechanical codes requirements.

  • Repairs – If there is any damage to your gas lines, this can be disastrous. Gas line leaks can lead to poisoning or a fire.

Signs You May Need Gas Line Repair Include:

  • Strange sulfur odor anywhere in your home

  • Plant life decaying, dying or turning yellow near your gas line outdoors

  • Unexpectedly higher gas bill at the end of the month

  • Your gas lines or gas powered appliances emit hissing sounds

Why Choose Stark Plumbing for Gas Line Service?

Always rely on a licensed professional for gas line services! Working with natural gas lines can be dangerous and incorrect work performed can mean troublesome, costly or even destructive or deadly repercussions.



The team at Stark Plumbing is trained in safety and licensed to install natural gas and propane gas lines throughout central Oregon.