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Gas-powered standard tank water heaters can be an excellent choice for homes and businesses!

These types of water heaters are designed to function well at high altitudes, where the air is thinner and the atmospheric pressure is lower. Unlike electric models, gas-powered standard tank water heaters can provide ample hot water even in colder temperatures, making them ideal for use in areas where the winter weather can be harsh.


Additionally, gas-powered water heaters can heat water quickly, ensuring that hot water is readily available when it's needed. This can be particularly important in high-altitude areas, where cold weather can make hot water more essential for everyday tasks.


With proper maintenance, a gas-powered standard tank water heater can provide reliable hot water for years to come, making it an excellent investment for homeowners and businesses in high-altitude climates.



Give Stark Plumbing a call if you are looking for a licensed and experienced plumber to

replace your existing gas water heater in Bend, Sunriver, Redmond or Sisters.


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