Water Heater Installation

If you're looking to upgrade or change your water heater, consider all your options, including a tankless hot water heater. Also known as demand water heaters, they make use of a gas burner or electric element to heat water when you need it. Delivering 2-5 gallons of hot water per minute, with gas-fired heaters producing a higher flow rate than electric heaters.

Here are six benefits of going tankless: 

  • Continuous hot water. A tankless hot water heater allows you to use multiple appliances at once without running out of hot water. 

  • Reduced energy bill. Because tankless heaters are essentially "off" when the water tap is not on, they use less energy overall. A tankless hot water heater can use 25-40% less energy than a conventional water heater, and save the average family $100 or more annually. 

  • Longer life. Conventional hot water heaters last about 10-13 years compared with up to 20 years for a tankless hot water heater. 

  • Less space. Tankless hot water heaters can be hung on a wall almost anywhere in your home, taking up a lot less space than a conventional hot water heater.

  • Good for the environment. In addition to reducing the amount of energy used, most propane-fired tankless water heaters are made of recycled materials. Many conventional tanks, on the other hand, go directly to the dump once they've served their purpose. 

  • High safety ratings. Conventional water heaters are "always on" and thus pose safety risks more often than do tankless heaters, which only operate when warm water is needed.