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Is your water heater leaking, making strange noises or do you have a low hot water supply? If so, it may be time to replace your existing water heater.

Standard electric water heaters are easier to install than gas units as they do not require venting, which can make installation more straightforward and less costly. Electric water heaters are also known for their reliability. Unlike gas water heaters, there are no burners or pilot lights that can malfunction.

All in all, electric water heaters continue to be a good choice for Central Oregon homeowners. They are energy-efficient, safe, reliable, and easy to install and maintain. If you're considering a new water heater for your home, be sure to consider an electric water heater as an option.


Overall, electric water heaters continue to be a reliable, cost-effective, and safe source of

hot water for many Central Oregon homes & businesses. 


Click this link to request a free offsite estimate to replace your existing electric water heater.

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