Main Water Supply &

Sewer Line Breaks


sewer & septic line replacement

If your home is connected to a sewer system, there is a sewer line that bridges the gap between the drains of your home and the main sewer drain. This line is located under the ground of your yard, and is thus considered part of your plumbing system and your responsibility in terms of maintenance and repairs.

Sewer lines are typically four to six inches in diameter, and sloped downwards to promote the flow of water away from your home and into your city’s sewer. Because these lines are not particularly large, they can easily develop buildup and clogs over time, exposing your family to potential health risks.

Primary water line replacement

Homes that receive water from a municipal source have a water main that delivers fresh water into the home. Your water main can be easily identified by finding your home’s water meter.


In addition to your water meter, water mains also incorporate a primary main shutoff valve. This valve is crucial during a serious plumbing emergency, as it will stop the flow of all water into your home’s plumbing system. If you have a serious leak or other problem, using the shutoff valve can prevent flooding, water damage, and water waste.


Although your water main should never give you trouble, age can affect the line’s integrity.